Apr 3, 2023

MAIN ARCHITECTS in the moderator role at the Salon of Architecture in Belgrade. ARCHITECTURE AND GAMING: Creating virtual worlds

One of the founders of MAIN Architects, Marko Matejic, had the honor and privilege to moderate a discussion on ARCHITECTURE AND GAMING: Creating virtual worlds on behalf of ASAP at this year's Salon of Architecture in Belgrade. Our interlocutors were artists and architects from the video game industry: Igor Simic / Demagog studio, Andrea Aleksic / Phobos, Lazar Mesaros / EBE Software, and Pavle Kostic / Ubisoft Belgrade. We held a Dialogue on the topic of the position and participation of architects in creating virtual architecture in video games, as well as on the similarities and differences between real architecture and virtual architecture, and on the specificities of planning, creating, and dimensioning spaces in video games. Watch video...

Feb 17, 2023


Our business premises project presented on the Gradnja portal

MAIN Architects has designed a unique visual and spatial identity for the editorial centers with TV studios for Bloomberg Adria in five cities and countries of the former Yugoslavia - the regional editorial center in Belgrade and other editorial centers in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, and Skopje. We applied the fundamental values of Bloomberg as a global brand in these spaces, as well as some spatial and functional premises from the architecture and interior design of the new Bloomberg headquarters building in London, designed by Foster+Partners. For more details on how we implemented these values and premises in these spaces, please read this article on the Gradnja portal.

bloomberg beograd

January, 2023


Projects for family homes and vacation houses published in the GRENEF magazine

MAIN Architects has an extensive portfolio of family homes, vacation homes, and various types of smaller rental apartments. In the GRENEF magazine, two of our projects were featured - a vacation house for recreation and celebrations in Cerevic, between the Danube river and Fruska Gora, and a family home in Koracica, Mladenovac. For more details about these projects, read the article "Rurbanizacija i nova ruralnost" on pages 72-77 in issue 20 of the GRENEF magazine (online).

architecture of new rurality

November, 2022


Projects for Bloomberg Adria and Knjaz Milos published in the PODOVI magazine

MAIN Architects has an extensive portfolio of business premises projects. There is a wide selection of various popular floor coverings available for use in business premises, and the choice of flooring for the business premises is one of the more important interior design elements. For more details on the use of flooring in business premises and our business premises projects for Bloomberg Adria and Knjaz Milos, read pages 54-59 in issue 57 of the PODOVI magazine (online edition), or read parts of the article online for Bloomberg Adria and for Knjaz Milos.

no image

November, 2022


Projects for family homes and holiday homes and recreational properties published in the GRENEF magazine

The environment represents the biggest potential and resource of rural areas, and openness and integration of interior and exterior space are important elements of new rural architecture. The use of large glass surfaces, terraces and covered porches, as well as outdoor kitchens and water surfaces such as pools, plays a significant role in connecting the interior and exterior space. To read more about the use of these elements in our projects of family homes and vacation homes, please see the article "Rurbanizacija i nova ruralnost" on pages 88-94 of issue 42 of the magazine "Prozori+Vrata" (web edition), where our two projects are presented - a holiday home for recreation and celebration in Cerevic between the Danube river and Fruska Gora, and a family house in Koracica, Mladenovac.


Sep 28, 2022


MAIN Architects at the Business Development Night

The founders of MAIN Architects, Marko Matejić and Nikola Ivković, participated in a panel discussion as part of BDN organized by the Gradnja portal on the topic of outsourcing in architecture.

They presented their personal experience of working on outsourcing projects during their 14 years of work in architectural practice, as well as outsourcing projects that MAIN Architects has worked on in the past 5 years.

They analyzed the business of MAIN Architects in terms of the share of outsourcing projects in their overall business and discussed the importance and potential of collaboration through outsourcing with foreign and domestic architectural firms for the development of a young architectural firm.

They also presented outsourcing projects from abroad and in Serbia, on which they have worked in the previous period. In the presentation, significant space was dedicated to residential projects in the United States, which are a significant segment of MAIN Architects' business.

You can read more about the event announcement here, and a detailed report on the event and what Marko and Nikola said on the topic can be found here.