During its professional activity from 2017 until today, MAIN Architects has experienced continuous development and stable business, which represents a guarantee of security and reliability in our cooperation with clients.

We are particularly proud that, based on our professional work and sincere communication with clients, we have been able to build long-term trust that is further strengthened with each new project. This means that we have formed a base of loyal clients, which provides a special kind of confirmation and significance to our way of doing business and creative work.

Thanks to its diverse portfolio, MAIN Architects has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous legal entities from various fields of business activity and with many individuals.

In the previous period, our clients were well-known domestic brands that operate under licenses from the world's most famous media industry brands, such as Euronews Serbia and Bloomberg Adria, as well as domestic and regional media brands such as Arena Sport and Portal 24/7. For these clients, we have designed editorial centers and television studios in Serbia and the region, including Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From 2015 to 2022, we completed several projects for one of our first clients, Pekarski centar Progres from Novi Sad, a family company with a tradition of half a century in the baking industry.

In several phases, from 2018 to 2022, we designed the interior of the business premises for Knjaz Miloš, one of the largest producers of mineral water, soft drinks, and energy drinks in the local and regional market, with a tradition of two centuries. This was done within the Belgrade Office Park business center in New Belgrade.

In addition to companies with century-old traditions, our clients also include young domestic firms that operate both in Serbia and on foreign markets, or under licenses from well-known foreign companies.

One of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry is Rhei Life, which operates on the global market and has its business premises in Serbia, for which we have designed interior projects in both Belgrade and Vršac.

In the field of medicine and molecular diagnostics, we have designed a diagnostic center in Belgrade for the clinical genetic laboratory Access To Genome (ATG) from Greece. ATG has its business premises and diagnostic centers in Thessaloniki, Athens, and Belgrade.

Our clients also include family-owned companies in the field of business consulting - Riter Advisory Services, as well as in the insurance sector - Eurosolutions and Almond Insurance. Additionally, we have worked with companies in the field of trading graphic machines, such as Rotografix from Vienna and Belgrade.

One of our first projects, which began in 2017 and on which we worked for the following years, is a project for a business park near Vienna, consisting of a series of storage facilities and a business building with a restaurant.

In the automotive industry, during 2021 and 2022 we completed a project for a new bus factory with an office building in Novi Sad for Feniksbus, a manufacturer of mini and midi buses.

In the previous period, we have completed projects for residential and mixed-use buildings as project leaders or in collaboration with our partners for some of the largest investors in the construction industry in Serbia.

In the previous period, we also collaborated with some very successful companies in the IT sector, such as Blue Grid, Orange Cloud, Mirror Code, and Outsource Insurance Professionals.

We also worked with particularly valued clients such as Babl Spaces, Atteos, and Nitea. We are especially proud of our collaboration with Theater 212, for whom we completed a facade renovation project for their building, which is protected as a cultural monument, in 2019.

We found particularly interesting the collaboration on the development of the master plan for a Tropical Theme Park.