Author's supervision

MAIN Architects provides author’s supervision services. The author’s supervision involves monitoring and ensuring the compliance of construction with the author's solution for the building.

The author’s supervision involves monitoring the construction of the building at the construction site and/or furniture workshop, providing guidance and resolving details and other ongoing issues during the construction in accordance with the author's solution.

Architectural work or interior design work is original artistic creation protected by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights. The author’s supervision protects the identity and integrity of the architectural work from unauthorized and unplanned changes that would be contrary to the author's solution and in contradiction to architectural and design values. In this way, the investment and value of the architectural work and the interests of the investor are protected.

The author’s supervision is not legally defined and therefore not mandatory. Nevertheless, we advise our clients to include the service of author’s supervision in their investment plan, because architectural work as an original artistic creation generates additional investment value. It is in the interest of the investor that the value, identity, and integrity of the designed architectural work are not compromised in the process of its realization, thus reducing its architectural and other values that this work produces for the investor.