Technical documentation

Making of all types of projects defined by the Law on Planning and Construction and the Rulebook on Content, Method and Procedure of Technical Documentation Production and Control Method according to the class and purpose of the facility: General Project (GNP); Preliminary solution (IDR) for obtaining location conditions or as part of an urban project for the purpose of urban-architectural development of the location; Preliminary design (IDP); Construction Permit Design (PGD) for obtaining a building permit; Detailed Design (PZI) for the purpose of building the facility; As-Built Design (PIO) for the purpose of obtaining an occupancy permit, use and maintenance of the facility.

MAIN Architects provides the service of creating and coordinating complete technical documentation. This includes the creation of 1-Architectural design with its "in-house" team of 14 architects and in collaboration with a wide network of its permanent and reliable external engineering associates, and all other parts of technical documentation: 2-Structural design; 3-Hydro-technical installations project; 4-Electrical power installations design (high voltage); 5-Telecommunications and signal installations design (low voltage); 6-Mechanical installations design; 7-Technology design; 8-Traffic and traffic signaling design; 9-External design project with a synchronous plan of installations and connections, landscape architecture and horticulture; 10-Preparatory work project (demolition, earthworks, securing the foundation pit), as well as Geotechnical Conditions Report, Fire Protection Report, Energy Efficiency Report, Environmental Impact Assessment Study.

MAIN Architects creates technical documentation for all types of buildings - residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial, cultural, healthcare, and others.

MAIN Architects creates technical documentation for its own projects. Only in exceptional situations, MAIN Architects in cooperation with its partner design firms produces technical documentation for projects where it is not the author of the project or the contracting party. MAIN Architects is open to partnerships with other domestic and foreign partners on different projects based on mutual respect.