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YUBC apartment

About the project

Project: YUBC Apartment
Description: Interior design. Residential. Apartmant adaptation.
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Size: 180m2
Year: 2022
Status: IDR+PZI+Construction work and furnishing with superevision / Built
Project owner: MAIN architects
Author: Stefan Đorđević, Jovana Vasić, Katarina Dimitrijević and Daniel Grčić
Lead architect: Nikola Ivković
Design team: Stefan Đorđević, Nikola Ivković, Srđan Borisavljević, Katarina Dimitrijević, Jovana Vasić, Daniela Grčić, Danica Vićanović
3D visualisation: Stefan Đorđević, Jovana Vasić, Katarina Dimitrijević, Daniela Grčić, Srdjan Borisavljević and Danica Vićanović

Floor plans 

  • yubc-apartment-existing-floor-plan
  • yubc-apartment-new-floor-plan