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weekend house Zlatibor

About the project

Description: Reconstruction and addition / architecture, interior and landscape design
Location: Zlatibor, Serbia
Lot size / building size: 480m2 / 160m2+70m2 terraces
Year: 2020-2021
Status: Under construction
Author: Marko Matejic, Nikola Ivkovic, Katarina Dimitrijevic and Jovana Vasic
Lead architect: Marko Matejic
Design team: Marko Matejic, Katarina Dimitrijevic, Jovana Vasic, Stefan Djordjevic, Nikola Ivkovic, Danica Vicanovic, Daniela Grcic
3D visualisation: Katarina Dimitrijevic, Jovana Vasic and Daniela Grcic

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