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TJKL family house

About the project

Description: Family house remodel and extension – architecture and interior
Location: Vienna, Austria
Size: 430 m2
Year: 2017
Status: Built
Author: Miljan Radojevic and Nikola Ivkovic
Lead architect and project manager: Miljan Radojevic and Nikola Ivkovic
Design team: Miljan Radojevic, Nikola Ivkovic, Marko Matejic, Marko Vukajlovic, Đorđe Zdravković
Exterior 3D visualisation: 3D point
Interior 3D visualisation: Dragana Petrovic

  • tjkl-family-house-remodel-basement
  • tjkl-family-house-remodel-2-ground-floor
  • tjkl-family-house-remodel-3-first-floor