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Bechmen house

About the project

Project: Bechmen House
Description: Architecture. Residential. New single family house.
Location: Surčin, Serbia
Size: 350m2
Year: 2022
Status: Concept
Project owner: MAIN architects
Author: Igor Gole, Stefan Djordjević and Marko Matejić
3D visualisation: Stefan Djordjević and Jovana Vasić

  • bechmen-house-ground-floor
  • bechmen-house-foundation-1
  • bechmen-house-foundation-2
  • bechmen-house-ceiling-plan
  • bechmen-house-roof-plan
  • bechmen-house-section-1
  • bechmen-house-section-2-3
  • bechmen-house-west-elevation
  • bechmen-house-south-north-elevation
  • bechmen-house-east-elevation