Project brief

MAIN Architects provides a service for creating a project brief. Depending on the type and size (complexity) of the project, the process and complexity of the project brief differ, as well as the role of MAIN Architects in that process.

The project brief may have been previously created by the client (or a third party that the client has hired for this purpose) and delivered to MAIN Architects as a starting contractual document for the creation of a conceptual design, technical documentation, or some other service that MAIN Architects provides.

MAIN Architects can be hired by the client as a consultant or team member when creating a project brief, especially for more complex projects.

MAIN Architects can also be hired by the client to create the complete project brief. In this case, depending on the complexity of the project, MAIN Architects can create the project brief independently or in collaboration with other experts.

The project brief is an important element of pre-project work and a key document in project management. The project brief represents a systematic overview of the purpose, scope, dynamics, and other different parameters that are significant for the efficient realization of the project within the expected financial, time, and qualitative frameworks.

The project brief defines the framework and objectives for the construction of the facility. The project brief may include various elements, such as an analysis of the urban parameters of the location, the architectural program of the facility, planned installation systems, budget and timeline for the realization of the project in all stages of design and construction, etc.

Establishing the project brief as an agreed and legally binding framework for further implementation of the construction of the facility enables the making of planned, safe, and logical decisions and ultimately achieving desired results.

The value of a well-defined project brief is manifold.