Interior design

We create interior design projects for all types of spaces (residential spaces, commercial spaces, hospitality spaces, and others). We design interior projects for existing spaces that require adaptation and reconstruction, as well as for new spaces.

MAIN Architects creates or organizes and coordinates the complete technical documentation necessary for the adaptation and reconstruction of your existing or new space. This includes interior design, for which we have an "in-house" team of 14 architects and interior designers, and in collaboration with a wide network of our reliable external partners, we provide all other parts of the technical documentation necessary for the complete design of your space, such as installation projects (hydro-technical, electro-energetic, telecommunication, mechanical, fire protection).

The interior design project includes the following phases of project development - recording the existing condition, conceptual design, detailed design, and, on demand, the creation of the necessary technical documentation for submitting requests to obtain work permits and/or construction permits, as well as the creation of As-Built designs if required.

MAIN Architects creates technical documentation for its own author projects. Only in exceptional situations, MAIN Architects in collaboration with partner design companies creates technical documentation for projects on which it is not the author or project leader.

MAIN Architects organizes and coordinates the realization of all types of interior works only for its own author projects. For a more detailed description of the service, please refer to INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION AND FURNISHING.