Kosmaj weekend house(s)

About the project

Description: New building / architecture, landscape and interior design
Location: Kosmaj, Serbia
Lot size / building size: 5000m2 / total 540m2 (2x215m2 houses + 2x55m2 covered patio)
Year: 2020-2021
Status: Under construction
Author: Nikola Ivković, Katarina Dimitrijevic and Marko Milovanovic
Lead architect: Nikola Ivković
Design team: Nikola Ivkovic, Katarina Dimitrijevic and Marko Milovanovic 
3D visualisation: Nikola Ivković and Katarina Dimitrijevic

Situation plan

House floor plans

House section

Covered patio #1 floor plan 

Covered patio #2 floor plan

3D visualisation