Senjak Family House

About the project

Description: Building design (including architecture, structural and MEP design) and interior design
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Size: 795m²
Year: 2015-2016
Status: Built
Author: Marko Matejic
Coauthors for interior design: Ivana Tijanic, Vanja Paunovic, Nikola Ivkovic
Lead architect: Marko Matejic
Building design team: Marko Matejic and Nikola Ivkovic
Exterior 3D visualisation: Darko Raseta and Dusica Totic
Interior design team: Marko Matejic, Ivana Tijanic, Vanja Paunovic, Hristina Tosic, Nikola Ivkovic
Interior 3D visualisations: Ivana Tijanic and Vanja Paunovic
Photo: Milos Martinovic

Form evolution and elevations​​

Entry and Powder

Dining & Kitchen

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom